Get Out in Front of the Right Audience, NOW!

Scroll through your Facebook timeline and you will notice that every 4th post is an ad.

Those ads are specifically targeted to you based on your interest and searches. They are targeting YOU to get YOUR business. Maybe you don’t sign up right away or buy right away. If they are quality ads, they are embedded in your mind until you give in.

Scrolling through my own Facebook, I noticed ads from a company saying I can save hours of work making my day to day easier because I run a business.

The second ad is from DDP Yoga promoting their app, who I already purchased from earlier today. BANG!

The third is from Domino’s. Now Facebook is really toying with my emotions showing me my one true love, pizza.

The fourth is from Sprint. They obviously know that I hate AT&T and want to change carriers.

The fifth is Uber Eats. I frequently go to local places for lunch. Right now, I can’t. But they can bring those places to me.

These ads are specifically targeted for me. Even if I already have accounts with these services, it is a great retention tool for me to continue my business in these places.

If you are a business owner, wouldn’t you love for that to be you?

We can get you in front of audiences who are more likely to do business with you. Now is as good of time as ever. The plans for the economy to slowly roll back out are beginning, which is a good thing for businesses and people.

The reality is because of the process being a slow one, people will still be at home, which leads to boredom. That will lead to more people being on social media more frequently. By mid-march, 25% of app usage was linked to social media. As long as people are home, that usage will continue to be relatively high.

We have seen this before. When people sit at home because of natural disasters or closures to schools or businesses, a spike typically happens in the social sphere.

As people sit at home scrolling through their timelines, let us help you be in that number. Contact us through our website here, Facebook, Instagram or email to find out more on how we can help you.

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