The Color of Your Content Matters

Creating a brand starts with a logo. One of the most important aspects to a logo is the colors utilized to convey certain messages. The psychology of colors is one of the most interesting topics behind marketing strategies.

Studies show the response range for black and white photos is between 2-3 seconds. The response for color is 2 seconds or more. Colors create emotion for the people viewing them thus potentially capturing attention for longer.

What does each color convey emotionally? 

  • Red

It is intense and associated with energy, danger, strength and power. It is often used to facilitate quick decision making.

  • Orange

It is used to call feelings of excitement, enthusiasm and warmth. The color is used to generally draw attention, much like we see in traffic signs.

  • Yellow

It is associated with happiness and optimism as well as creativity. It evokes calming or pleasant feelings such as warmth, stemming from the sun.

  • Green

It symbolizes nature and the natural world. It is often represented for tranquility, good luck, health and jealousy.

  • Blue

Due to being favored by so many, it is viewed as a non-threatening, conservative or traditional color. It is peaceful, tranquil, secure and orderly. It is often a sign of stability and reliability.

  • Purple

It has the ability to calm the nerves and mind. It is uplifting in nature helping trigger one’s creativity.

  • Black

It absorbs all the light of the color spectrum thus being a symbol of power. Though, it can be perceived as menacing or evil and often associated with death.

  • White

It is purity, wholeness and completeness. It represents the positive and negative of all the colors. It is the color of new beginnings.

Choosing Your Colors

Whether you are an old business or new business, re-branding can always be done if you wish. You see plenty of companies go through a re-brand phase at some point or another. Choose colors that fit your message and convey your feeling for your business.

We chose Yellow and Black for a couple of reasons.

I personally love the color scheme of black and yellow. The first and most obvious reason, being that we are based out of the Greater New Orleans Area, is the Saints. Of course, the Saints are black and gold. However, gold is in the color wheel of yellow. We are still playing into the association of New Orleans to some degree.

Because yellow invokes creativity and it is associated with happiness and optimism, it backs the message behind Do It All Marketing. We strive to help businesses in multiple ways using all of our sources for creativity. We want our clients to feel optimistic and happy with our business.

Why not implore that right off the bat using yellow as part of our logo and color scheme?

The second color we used is black.

One of the interesting things about social media marketing is it is still very much viewed as a black sheep of marketing strategies to some degree. Based on our experience, business owners know they should use it, but they don’t understand it as well as they may understand billboards or magazines. Therefore, it can be perceived as complicated or ineffective despite the numbers showing otherwise. That plays into the idea of evil and menacing.

The second part of it is the power. Our analytics show what a power marketing tool social media is. Much like a hurricane, the more we sit around, the more powerful we become. The longer we run ads for companies, the better those ads become thanks to building up the target audience.

One of our clients was in the middle of their slow season recently and thanks to our strategies and their help, we were able to obtain 36 leads over the course of 4-5 weeks. Not only did we obtain 36 leads, they gained 30 new clients for their business in that same month.

Our business is Creative and Powerful in a nutshell.

We are creative in our approach and not just from a digital standpoint, but a problem solving standpoint. Right now, we are in the middle of an economic crisis with businesses being shut down. We are finding ways to help small businesses stay in tact by working with them on ways to continue operations.

We are powerful in our execution imploring our marketing strategies. We want business owners to feel great about spending their money with us. So we have to be powerful in driving in revenue and more business.

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