Anyone Else Concerned About Their Business? Maybe We Can Find a Solution Together

Do It All Marketing hits the one year anniversary in July.

Things were going smoothly as we have experienced constant growth in our client base since launching. Then we hit the wall that is Covid19, like many other businesses.

For anyone reading this who owns a business or is out of work at the moment due to this pandemic, I hope things go back to normal just like the rest of you. It has certainly been a time of uncertainty and it sucks.

Now more than ever, businesses have to find ways to survive and weather the storm that has come as a result of all this. Social Media Marketing can be that solution for a number of reasons…

Let’s cut to the chase.

Money is tight right now for most of us. One thing many business owners may not realize is that marketing dollars spent is in fact tax deductible.

Essentially, you can get a break by pouring money into a business strategy that is designed to make you more money. This could be a great opportunity to take some of the capital you have and pour it back in.

Right now is a perfect time.

Facebook has seen a major spike in the usage since shut ins and social distancing strategies have been implemented across the globe. People are bored and they are turning to Facebook and other social media platforms.

In fact, Facebook is adjusting to everything like most of us, figuring out ways to make sure they too can stay afloat given the traffic spike.

Something I have experienced myself is increased traffic on my personal blog. I re-launched it back in September and this was by far the most viewed month since then.

Now could be the time to get your business across the eyes of people, especially if you have online products or you are an essential business such as a grocer or a trade company like an electrician.

You can help your SEO by driving people to your website and we can target customers who are indeed looking for businesses like yours.

We would love an opportunity to speak with you and put a strategy in place to help you weather this storm. It is all about finding a way.

Like many others, my family and I are stuck at home. I work out of the house regularly and now share the work space with my wife and 2.5 year old son.

One of the biggest pain points we have is my son being bored. He wants to get out of the house now more than ever. It is tough for him to understand why we are stuck in the house. He has become accustomed to it to some degree, but it was an adjustment for all of us.

Recently, I had a friend reach out to me regarding a relative’s business. He was wondering how to promote the business online in order to drive traffic and revenue. Like most of us, that business was affected by the virus. This particular business targets many young children and that got me thinking…

How many parents are dealing with some of the same issues of their young children being bored? I would guess many of you. To be honest, it sucks sitting around wishing you could do more for your little ones. My son had been having some uncharacteristic meltdowns as a result of not having his normal schedule. He is not getting the social interactions with other children. He is not seeing some of the people he is used to seeing.

This business can likely help alleviate that for some parents.

That leads me to the conclusion of all this. There is a solution somewhere. We just need to find it. Right now, it sucks. Being shut in and having our worlds turned upside down is a pain in the butt. Now is the time to put our best foot forward and find ways and means. We would love to help your business do that.

If you’re stuck, reach out at, message us through our website or message us through social media. Let’s find a solution together.


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