Do and Don’t for Marketing During a Crisis

The United States is in the midst of a pandemic as it prepares for battle with the Coronavirus. That being said, plenty of businesses will be affected by this in one way or another.

We wanted to provide you with some helpful tips for marketing your business in times like these. It is important to keep your customers or clients informed about what is happening with your business.

  • DO keep your consumers informed about business operation changes

With social distancing being suggested right now, keep your customers or clients updated every few days with what is happening. We are receiving new information constantly so you should keep people informed on what your plan is.

  • DO take proper precautions to ensure the safety of your customers

Inform your customers what precautions you are taking and what they can do to ensure the cleanliness of your business. One of the proactive things I have been seeing is many gyms informing people on what they can do and what the gym is doing, solid move.

  • DO try to help

Some businesses can be more proactive than others. If you have a boutique with hand soaps or sanitizer, let people know which ones are better. If you can discount your service or do sales, go for it.

If you’re not a business that can do or in position to do that, keeping up to date with CDC and sharing their content can go a long way.

  • DON’T post insensitive or false information

Right now is a sensitive time. Act accordingly. Sharing memes may seem like a funny idea, but you are running the risk of turning people away. Make sure you stay current and accurate if you are posting about the crisis.

  • DON’T take advantage of the situation

I understand businesses need to make money. This is an infant marketing company. But I am not going around to businesses screaming they need this because Coronavirus. I understand things may get real frugal. Be smart and don’t take advantage of the pain points of people by price gouging or hoarding products they may need to sell more of yours.

The Bottom Line

Be compassionate. Be mindful. Show your consumers you care. Heed the warnings and direction of the higher ups. Don’t go rogue.

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