“I Don’t Know What To Post.”

Welcome to social media…where everything is made up and the likes don’t matter.

Social media is supposed to be fun, especially for your own business. Yet, we always find ourselves scratching our heads figuring out what to post. Even as someone who’s job entails posting for clients, I have those days too. It happens. I wanted to give you a couple of tips for your posts.

Don’t Focus on Your Likes

Some posts hit. Some don’t. We get so entrapped in the dopamine of those little thumbs up when they come. After all, your business page posts are only penetrating a small percentage of your followers organically.

Depending on your business, it may not be sexy enough to get the likes. Speaking from experience, I run a social media marketing company. There’s nothing sexy about Cost Per Click. We are not talking about cars, clothes or food. We are talking about analytics that only nerds like myself salivate over. I also salivate over pizza. Which brings me to my next point…

Mix It Up 

Again, have fun with your posts. Yes it is a business page. But people like personality. Show yours. Give your page a healthy mix of entertainment, promotion and information.

What constitutes as entertainment?
Maybe a picture of your family or something fun you just did that day. The airport near my home did an open house for the new terminal so I posted a few photos of my family and I touring it.

What constitutes as promotion?
Anything telling your followers why they should utilize your business and including things like your products or website.

What constitutes as informative?
This one is super important for businesses like mine or realtors or insurance agents. Sharing posts about current trends in the market establishes credibility. It is an indirect way to promote to some degree without doing the proverbial “hey give me a call.”

Don’t Be A Walking Billboard 

A quick way to get to unfollow-town is constantly telling people to use your business. It is not only annoying. It comes across as desperate. Trust me, I want my people to utilize my business as much as the next person. But a real easy way to turn people away from you is coming across as me me me me.

Stay Up To Date With Trends 

Diving back into the realm of entertainment, cheap likes usually come in the form of the latest trends and memes. We can refer to these as trash posts. They are easy because the market is telling you what to post. The old age app picture I took is still one of the most liked posts on my page. I posted a meme reflecting the Netflix Original You for one of my clients which is one of the most liked posts on his page.

Look Up National Today Observances

I do this habitually. Some days I have bad writer’s block so my creative meter is less than zero. It can help get past that and it is super easy to do. I found one this week and it was National Make a Friend Day. So I made a collage with pictures of my friends and I.

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